Travel Accommodation – Choosing an Ideal Accommodation to Suit Your Needs

Travel accommodation is a major concern for all travelers embarking on any form of overseas trip, whether it is a short weekend getaway or an extended backpacking expedition. However, many travelers are too caught up with taking care of airline reservations and activity planning that they often relegate the selection and booking of accommodation to the bottom of their to-do list.

The number of travel accommodation types available is simply mind-blogging, and even within each type there can be countless variations. Hence, not doing careful research and planning for your accommodation could cause you to end up in a place that falls far short of your expectations.

A good hotel stay is important to help you recharge after a long day, but often comes at a high price. Hence, it is best to know how to book the right accommodation at the right time. This allows you to secure the best deals so that you can focus your spending on other aspects of your trip instead.

Here are some tips regarding when to book your travel accommodation, and which accommodation types you can consider to suit your specific needs.

Booking your accommodation in advance is a tried and tested way of ensuring that you are likely to secure the accommodation of your choice and hence do not have to worry about rooms being sold out as you approach your travel date.

This practice is recommended if your chosen destination would be packed with visitors at the time of year that you are travelling. This could include the period coinciding with major festivals such as Christmas, or international events such as the World Expo. There are also likely to be early bird deals and offers by hotels which are likely to be more attractive the further in advance you book.

On the other hand, sometimes it is unavoidable to make travel plans at the last minute, especially with our hectic lifestyle that gives rise to increasing occurrences of ad hoc travel. Many online travel agents and hotels are hence quick to cash in on this phenomenon, offering travelers fantastic last minute bargains on travel that can rival those of early bird discounts.

However, booking at the last minute is only advised if you are very sure that there will still be vacancies at the hotel of your choice as your travel date draws near. This would likely be during the off-peak seasons when hotels would be trying to fill up their empty rooms with such attractive offers.

Here are three common accommodation types that you can consider.


A budget option popular with the likes of students and backpackers, hostels typically offer dormitory-style accommodation with shared rooms and amenities which can be a great way to mingle with other travelers. There may even be slightly pricier private rooms in some hostels if privacy is your concern.


Ideal for motorists on a road trip, motels are situated along major highways and intersections. They typically have rooms that open outside and offer easy access to guests’ parked vehicles. Many motels also boast a kitchen and coffee and tea-making facilities.


Spanning a wide variety from budget hotels to 5 star hotels, hotels are generally serviced accommodation with private rooms that can afford you a larger selection of amenities and services such as a business centre, restaurants, spa as well as concierge and room services, depending on the hotel’s luxury level.

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