Should You Buy a Home That Uses Liquefied Petroleum Gas


Liquefied petroleum gas, often referred to as LPG, is a type of fuel available in Australia and a number of other countries. It can be used for heating your home, cooking, in aerosol propellants, and to heat water, among other things. Some homes make use of LPG for these purposes. If you’ve never lived in a home with an LPG system, you may not be sure how it works or if it is superior to electricity. LPG is a natural gas with hundreds of safe uses, so you should never mark a house off your list of potential homes just because it uses LPG.

How Does It Work?

LPG is a liquid that is stored under intense pressure. It can be made from a number of different gases, although the most common ones are butane and propane. When the liquid is boiled, it becomes a gas vapour. When you turn on one of your appliances that uses LPG, some of this gas is released. It is then burned to provide the energy and heat necessary to cook, heat water, and do other things. A regulator on the bottle makes certain that the pressure is consistent and delivered safely.

How Do You Get LPG?

LPG is delivered in bottles from a supplier you choose. Many people choose to get two bottles so they always have one to use while the other gas bottle is being refilled. These bottles have enough gas in them to keep you supplied for quite some time as long as you purchase bottles of the right size. Larger homes may need bigger bottles because they will use more LPG to heat the house.

Your gas bottles will be kept outside your home and will be connected to your system via a gas line. The bottle in use is determined by the setting on the changeover valve. When one bottle is empty, the valve automatically switches to the other one so you don’t have to worry about your fuel being interrupted. All you have to do is check the valve regularly to make sure the indicator on a tank isn’t red. If it is, that means that bottle is empty and you need to call for a new one.

There are also some manual switches that allow you to manually change from one bottle to another.

Are There Benefits to LPG?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to use LPG as your heating source. It’s very economical, and you may see your utility costs decrease by using it. LPG quickly heats up, too, and many people find it easier to cook with gas than with electricity. This type of gas does not emit large amounts of combustion emissions, nor does it release any black smoke. This means you won’t have to clean up any soot or other mess. The tanks do not take up much space, and since you’ll have two of them, you never have to worry about running out.