New Travel Accommodation Trends

Making travel arrangements isn’t like it used to be. I mean, you can still do things the old way if you want. But, you can make things so much easier on yourself if you take advantage of the latest trends.

Years ago, putting a travel package together wasn’t impossible. But, travel agents weren’t keeping all their information up to snuff. You would get to your destination and find out that there was a better hotel just down the street. There are better places to eat on the other side of town. There are events you could have enjoyed for much cheaper than gate prices if you had only known.

Look For Yourself

Now, it’s so much different. The Internet has helped to leverage everything. You can look for yourself at destinations on the other side of the world. You’re no longer the blind asking the blind. Travel agents have to keep themselves up to date if they are going to be able to compete for your business.


An individual who would like to travel can simply compartmentalize their entire trip and get the best deals on everything they plan on doing. Some people might look at it as a hassle. But most people find that planning their vacations just keeps them motivated until it is their time to go.

City Tickets

Plenty of cities offer package deals in what they term a city ticket. You can look for city tickets on the Internet and find out who has them as well as where to purchase them. City tickets get you front of the line privileges at the city’s greatest places. You can get discounts on great food and you get to see the greatest sights the city has to offer.

Exchange Cards

A great way to keep from losing your money is the exchange card. Plenty of hotels throughout the world offer them to visitors so that everything they purchase at the hotel can be bought with the exchange card. That way you can’t lose your money and it can’t get stolen. The card can get lost, but you can get reimbursed by reporting it in a timely manner. Some hotels throughout the world have a deal with certain merchants in town. You can use your cards their as well. Most of the time, those merchants are the best place to go anyway. Whether it’s a restaurant or a souvenir store, you get the best deals and you can use your exchange card rather than carry cash with you all over the place.


Guides know those little things that only the residents know. If you want the best food, ask a guide about the best restaurants. If you want to have something interesting to do, ask a guide to show you. Guides know the culture. Most of the time, they grew up there. Wherever you want to go in this world, there is a guide you might want to hire to show you around. Don’t go somewhere unless you plan on really experiencing the place. That’s where a guide comes into play.

Making travel arrangements has taken on quite a few changes. For the most part, these new trends are for the best. They facilitate making travel accommodations easier for the individual and that takes business out of the hands of the travel agent. In order for them to draw some of their business back, they are going to need to stay up to date on their information and make sure they are offering the best deal possible. That’s the art of capitalism. Enjoy the rewards!

Michael Allen is a professional writer who travels the world for leisure and business. Having traveled half the world by the time he was twenty, he often jokes that he has seen the other half since. With writings that include A Danger to Society, Michael Allen’s travels won’t end any time soon being a highly sought after writer of our generation.

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